a mission with meaning

In the early stages of what would become our organization, Novalliance, no one believed in the challenge we wished to reveal: establish ourselves in Africa in order to make high quality and effective products available to African growers at prices adapted to local conditions within a social and solidarity-based economy. Backed by our analyses, we persevered and today we can confirm that we have a different world vision!

Our growth is supported by the development of the African continent and other tropical countries in which we have become established. Our clear and ambitious 2025 strategy is based on 3 occupations: the search for varieties, industry and brand strategy, and growth of our establishments.

Our HR development policy is in a controlled growth and team structuring phase.

Our HR creed which we apply in talent management:


Innovation is at the heart of our varietal research development: we are ready to use it more generally in our business occupations. The HR department is invited to innovate and to try out ad hoc and adapted organizational models. We are an SME of an agile human scale. We believe that if we give a voice to our collaborators, this will be a source of personal development, emulation, and value creation.
In 2016, we put into place the following innovations in order to allow collaborators to influence our policies:
A governance (3 executive bodies) for the organization with diverse decision makers coming from a panel of many age groups: from 25 to 63! We believe in the diversity of experiences, ages and in their complementarity.
Every collaborators of the organization can call on the decision-making bodies or can even offer to work on a project as a " Task force".

Mutual respect 

Mutual respect is at the core of our work. It is our foremost value and it is applied to everyone in our ecosystem, not only for collaborators between teams and our managers or the organization's companies, but also for any third party, contact of the organization (suppliers, clients). We can tell each other anything, and even recognize structural disagreements. However, in proper form, we maintain a courtesy assumed as such.
But we also equally respect nature and the environment. The profession of seed-producer in the emerging countries of intertropical Africa can not be limited to a simple commercial activity focused on short-term profit. As a consequence, we are endeavoring to participate more generally in agricultural development in several intertropical African countries. We would like to play a role in the protection of natural resources by participating in the implementation of management techniques that are more respectful of the environment.

Let's give the voice to our collaborators: What does Novalliance mean to you?

Do you also believe in our project?

As we develop, we are in need of multi-talented and above all, engaged individuals: agricultural engineers (researchers, selectors, production, quality, etc.), sales representatives, technicians, communicators, export, import, financiers and accountants, HR, etc. Join us!
Apply directly online to our different entities. Remember that in addition to your technical skills and profile, your personality and your desires will be what makes the difference!


Offre emploi Développeur Régional Agrivision Burkina

Ouagadougou, Burkina
Date : 12/04/2021
Durée : CDD 1 an renouvelable
Profil : Bac +5 Agronomie
Langues : Français + Anglais

Offre d’emploi Auditeur

Date : 16/11/2020
Durée : CDD
Profil : Bac + 4/5 Audit et Contrôle de Gestion
Langues : Français + Anglais + Portugais souhaitable

Offre d’alternance – Expérimentation végétale et amélioration des plantes H/F

Longué-Jumelles (Angers), France
Date : 02/09/2019
Durée : À définir
Profil : Étudiant en agronomie - Niveau licence/master/ingénieur
Langues : Français + Anglais

Tropicasem SA recrute son IT Manager

Date : 20/06/2019
Durée : 30 Jours
Profil : Bac+3/4 Informatique
Langues : Français + Anglais

Offre de stage – Juridique

Nova Genetic - Longué-Jumelles
Date : 14/11/2019
Durée : Stage 3 mois
Profil : Licence / Master en droit
Langues : Français et Anglais

Recrutement Coordonnateur Recherche et Production

Station Baobab, Keur Ndiaye LO, Rufisque
Date : 14/06/2019
Durée : CDI
Profil : Bac+5 Agronome/Recherche
Langues : Français + Anglais
Recrutement Novaculture Actualités