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Going the extra mile for seed quality control

6 February 2020

This beginning of the year marks the start of a new project for SeedLab, our partner laboratory for seed quality... View Article

Publication of the 1st Jardinova catalogue!

1 November 2019

This end of 2019, saw the publication of the first Jardinova catalogue. This catalogue includes all the products (excluding seeds)... View Article

New Technisem catalogue is now being released!

5 August 2019

Summer 2019 saw the arrival of the new edition of Technisem’s catalogue. This new version is an opportunity to present... View Article

New packaging coming soon!

1 May 2019

Started in 2017, the reflection on packaging is now bearing fruit. The boxes and sachets of the Technisem brand will... View Article

Jardinova freshened up!

1 February 2019

Jardinova is a Novalliance group company. It is specialised in the supply of farming inputs, tools and equipment to be... View Article