Strong brands for PRODUCers and consumers

The Novalliance group sells 5 complementary brands designed primarily for professionals, as well as a brand for the general public.

Professional product line


Agrinova is a company and a registered trademark of quality seeds, selected and adapted for the tropics. It began in 2001 with a very limited market in the Caribbean, and then it gradually expanded. Today, the Agrinova brand is distributed in 35 countries in the western hemisphere (Latin America and the Caribbean). This expansion occurred over a period of 13 years and was possible thanks to the efforts of a passionate team.

A wide range

In order to meet the demand of its customers, Agrinova offers a wide range of packaging options:

  • Foil pouches from 5 to 500 grams
  • Metal boxes from 5 to 500 grams, with some special ones for coated seeds that can contain from 1,000 to 25,000 seeds.
  • 25 kg bags

Quality seeds 
The seeds comply with the ISTA [International Seed Testing Association] rules and the ISF [International Seed Federation] guidelines on minimal germination and the rules of purity. The Agrinova Co. germination laboratory regularly checks these guidelines in order to ensure the sale of quality seeds. It also works with the Iowa State University Seed Laboratory to carry out an official test on certain seed lots, and with another laboratory in California for coated seeds.

« Agrinova, is the benchmark in the Carribean and Latin America for quality seeds at competitive prices».

Professional product line


The Jardinova brand was created in May 2008 in response to the repeated requests of various distributors of the group for a range of agricultural products and equipment in addition to vegetable seeds.

Today, the Jardinova brand includes a complete range of agricultural equipment and tools for the professional market gardener.

A complete range of products

The product line consists of:

  • Hand tools: pruning shears, planter, rake, hoe, etc.
  • Sprayers
  • All-purpose manual seeder
  • Seed tray
  • Personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, clothing, ...)

But also greenhouses, equipment for greenhouses, irrigation systems and all other equipment required for farming.

The focus of the Jardinova brand is to provide agricultural tools and equipment adapted to the needs and expectations of market gardeners in tropical areas of the world, while taking their purchasing power into account.


Professional product line


The Jarditropic brand specializes in agricultural products (apart from seeds) designed for market gardening professionals.

A complete line of products

Its product range is composed of:

  • Growing medium (soil)
  • Organic fertilizer
  • NPK [Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash] fertilizer
  • Crop protection products (insecticides, fungicides, etc.)
  • Natural products: soil activator, growth stimulator, insect repellents, biological fungicide, etc.

Jarditropic, offers a range of products adapted to the needs and constraints of market gardeners in tropical areas, but above all, it represents a commitment directed towards the respect of the environment for a safer and a more sustainable farming.

Professional product line


Technisem is the oldest brand of the group and has been in existence for more than 30 years. The Technisem brand is designed for professionals in tropical regions.

A vast range 

The Technisem product range is comprised of:

  • Seed species cultivated worldwide (tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce...),
  • Traditional African seed species (African eggplants, hot pepper chinense, short pod okra...).

Innovative and attractive packaging 

In order to meet the diverse and varied needs of the professional world, this line of products ranges from 1 to 50 grams in airtight foil pouches and in resistant metal boxes ranging from 50 grams to 2 kilograms.

All of the seeds are checked, stored and packed, before being shipped in their entirety to the export market. The final sale is then ensured by a reliable and nearby distributors in more than 85 countries.


Discover the Technisem presentation film, which retraces the 8 steps of the seed journey.

Product line for the general public


Tropica is a brand of products designed for the general public sector, more specifically for amateur gardeners in tropical areas.

A diversified line

Its product range is comprised of a number of products:

  • A range of vegetable, herb and flower seeds
  • A range of flower bulbs
  • A range of biological control products
  • A range of tools

All Tropica products are carefully selected, tested and checked to guarantee optimal results.

Tropica is the benchmark of the tropical garden.

The range of Tropica products is distributed by the JARDINOVA SARL company, based in Longué-Jumelles.