Contribute to the development of tropical agriculture with a human dimension.

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Novalliance is a family-owned company focusing on the selection, production, and distribution of vegetable seeds for tropical zones, notably West Africa, Central Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, South America, and the Caribbean. Novalliance is a complete and strong entity that covers its principal marketing areas through a diverse research organization, the ability to launch new, high-quality varieties, and Business Developer teams that can deploy new networks into unknown markets.


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"Guided by our passion of innovation and new ideas, the Novalliance group is animated by the wish of planting seeds for a better world, more respectful of the others"

Ronan GORIN, Novalliance CEO

Our Mission

Allowing African producers to have access to high-quality vegetable seeds, thanks to an ever-larger distribution network, and to contribute more widely to the development of powerful tropical agriculture.


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Our Values

Growth and Conquest

Curiosity and Innovation

Respect for others

Our Commitments


Novalliance is passionate about its role as a seed company. It is convinced that people are the key to its success.

For this reason, social engagement is a key part of its business culture. Its goal is not just to sell vegetable and flower seeds, but to...

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Our Brands

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Our technical review

Discover Novaculture, the Novalliance group's technical review to bring you advice and technical support on our products.

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Our Business






Our Novalliance corporate video

Discover the activities and values of the Novalliance Group: A Franco-African group that is mainly dedicated to the selection, production and distribution of vegetable and floral seeds for tropical areas but also sells a wide range of complementary products (inputs, tools).